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ASC Classes are open to all students, but recommended recommended for students with disabilities who are eligible for ASC services.

Learning Skills Courses

Learning Skills courses are designed to support students with disabilities in regular programs of study offered by the college. All students may register, but curriculum is aimed at helping students with various disabilities succeed in mainstream classes.

LS 200 Math Study Skills

Co-requisite: Concurrent enrollment in a math class is recommended. Repeatability: May be taken a total of 1 time. Study skills and strategies designed to help students overcome difficulties in learning math. Especially helpful for those enrolled in Math 254 or Math 154. May be taken Pass/No Pass only.

LS 200L Reduce Test Anxiety Lab

Lab designed to improve test performance and reduce test anxiety using HeartMath software that increases student’s awareness of body/ mind coherence for best performance. Techniques learned and practiced will improve student’s ability to learn and perform.

LS 254 Diagnostic Assessment

Provides individual diagnostic assessment and reassessment to determine eligibility for learning disabilities services. Testing includes academic (reading- writing-math), perceptual, and aptitude areas. Test results are evaluated and the LD Specialist recommends appropriate classes, strategies, and services.

LS 264 Study Skills

Recommended for students with learning disabilities, but open to all students who need study skills improvement and learning strategies. Topics include traditional study skills with an emphasis upon organization, test-taking, problem solving, stress reduction, goal setting, and memory strategies.

LS 281 Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities & Attention Deficit Disorder

Recommended for all students interested in learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorder. Students will acquire knowledge of learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder. Focus is on the importance of students understanding their individual strengths and weaknesses. Also emphasizes successful compensatory strategies, accommodations, communication with others about learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder, stress, organization, and time management skills.

LS 502 Supervised Tutoring for ASC Students

Provides drop-in tutorial assistance and assistive technology in a variety of areas for students with LD and other ASC documented disabilities. Students work as needed in support of college-level classes and in basic skills areas. Prerequisite: Must be eligible for services through Accessibility Support Center (formerly DSPS) and/or the Learning Skills Program.

Counseling and Guidance Courses

CG 51 planning for Success

Introduces the tools necessary to increase academic and life success including college expectations, resources, facilities, requirements, and educational planning.

CG 286 Transition to College

Addresses issues, concerns, and resources related to students with psychological disabilities as they affect career, vocational, academic and interpersonal situations occurring in a college environment.

Adaptive PE Courses

Cabrillo's Adaptive Physical Education program is designed to meet the functional goals of individuals with acquired traumatic injuries or congenital conditions. For information on Adaptive Physical Education Courses contact the Health, Athletics, Wellness, and Kinesiology (HAWK) Division or visit

Stroke and Disability Learning Center Courses

The Stroke and Disability Learning Center offers an interdisciplinary educational program for adults who have survived a stroke or are living with disabling conditions. Call 831-477-3300 or visit to find out about enrolling in Stroke and Disability Learning Center classes.

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