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Recommended Language for Syllabus

ASC provides a model statement for syllabi as follows:

“Students needing accommodations should contact the instructor as soon as possible.  As required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), accommodations are provided to ensure equal opportunity for students with verified disabilities. If you need assistance with an accommodation, please contact Accessibility Support Services, room 1073, 479-6379, or Learning Skills Program, room 1073, 479-6220."


An accommodation is an adjustment or modification for disability to ensure equal access to course materials for a person with a disability. Examples of accommodations might include extra time on tests, preferential seating, notetakers, or receipt of course materials in alternate format such as digital text, audio or braille. Students who are eligible for accommodations must provide to their instructors a form, signed by an ASC Counselor, with specified accommodations.

Test Proctoring

Students with accommodations for extended time on tests or quiet space for tests should make arrangements with the Proctoring Center.  Details about test proctoring are available at the Proctoring Center's website.

Captioning and Deaf Students

You may have students in your class who are deaf and hearing impaired. These students will sometimes have interpreters and will need access to any videos shown in your class through captioning or subtitles. The link below provides a sample of a letter you may receive if you have a deaf student enrolled in your class.

Letter About Deaf Student

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