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Getting Started

The ASC provides a wide array of support services for students with disabilities.

To determine eligibility for services, begin by registering with the ASC.

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Step 1: Schedule an Appointment

Students interested in receiving accommodations and services can contact the ASC at (831) 479-6379 to schedule an appointment to meet with one of the ASC counselors. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment to fill out necessary paperwork.

Step 2: Submit Documentation

To be a part of ASC and qualify for services, bring documentation of your disability from a verifying professional.
This means records from another school or diagnosis from a doctor, psychologist, Learning Disability Specialist, or other qualified professional. 

Sometimes we can request this information, and to do that, we need your signature. When your records come in, our staff reviews them and we schedule an appointment.

For students with medical disabilities, obtain documentation from the appropriate licensed professional using ASC’s Medical Disability Verification Form.

For students with learning disabilities, obtain documentation from a qualified professional trained in the administration and interpretation of neuro-psychological assessment or psycho-educational assessment.  Refer to ASC’s Learning Skills Program webpage for more information.

Documentation can be submitted to the ASC on the day of your scheduled appointment or prior to the day of your appointment. 
To submit documentation prior to your appointment, use one of the following methods:

Fax documentation to the ASC confidential fax line at 831-479-6393.  Call the ASC shortly after faxing to confirm receipt.

Mail/Hand-Deliver documentation to the ASC office:

Cabrillo College Accessibility Support Center

Room 1073

6500 Soquel Drive,

Aptos, CA

If You have Never Been Diagnosed

If you have never been diagnosewith a disability before but are having significant difficulty succeeding in your classes, you can still come to the ASC for help. Make an appointment to talk to a counselor or Learning Disabilities Specialist. We offer an interactive process that might result in eligibility for our services. We offer assessment for Learning Disabilities, and as long as you are actively involved the assessment process you are eligible for provisional services for the semester.

Step 3: Meet with an ASC Counselor

Attend a scheduled intake appointment with an ASC counselor to discuss eligibility and recommended accommodations, if appropriate.  Accommodations must be requested each semester.

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