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Within each field of study, you will find a description of the program and degrees or certificates offered. You may also find a link to their website, a brochure, class schedule info, catalog excerpt info, and a directory of contact information
AA-T/AS-T Degrees

  • Academy for College Excellence
    See Digital Management and Career Preparation
  • Accounting & Finance
    The Accounting & Finance Program is designed to provide students with skills and knowledge required for entry-level positions in industry, government, financial institutions, and small businesses. The program encompasses classroom instruction and extensive hands-on application with both manual and computerized accounting systems.
    • A.S. Degree
    • Accounting | Certificate of Achievement
    • Entry Level Bookkeeping | Skills Certificate
    Accounting Finance website Accounting Finance brochure Accounting Finance class schedule Accounting Finance catalog excerpt Accounting Finance Contact Directory
  • Adaptive Physical Education
    This is an educational program designed to meet the functional goals of individuals with acquired traumatic injuries or congenital conditions. It is the philosophy of the faculty to adapt the physical skills to the individual, not to adapt the individual to the skill. We develop individualized educational programs that enable an individual to participate in their community, their life, their educational decisions, their passions. Independence, respect, listening, and learning are what we strive for in a safe educational environment.
    • No Degrees of Certificates Offered at this time.
    Adaptive Physical Education website Adaptive Physical Education class schedule Adaptive Physical Education catalog excerpt Adaptive Physical Education Contact Directory
  • Allied Health
    The Allied Health Program at Cabrillo includes four areas of studies.Please see these Health Specializations: Dental Hygiene, Nursing, Medical Assistant, Radiologic Technology.
    Allied Health website Allied Health brochure Allied Health class schedule Allied Health catalog excerpts Allied Health Contact Directory
  • American Sign Language
    • no degrees or certificates offered at this time
    American Sign Language websiteAmerican Sign Language class schedule Sign Language Studies catalog excerpt American Sign Language Contact Directory
  • American Studies
    The American Studies Program offers an examination of the basic institutions and fundamental trends in United States culture. The aim is to address the pressing questions of our time with a broad understanding of the institutions and trends.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    American Studies website American Studies catalog excerpts American Studies Contact Directory
  • Anthropology
    The Department of Anthropology offers a wide range of courses to help one learn how to talk about people: people in the past, in the present and in the future. By combining a number of subfields (biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, and applied anthropology), anthropology bridges the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities, thus providing students with a broad comparative approach to the study of humanity the world over, both past and present. Some of our courses deal with the biological origins, evolution, and variations of humankind; others examine how we "know" about the distant human past; while others focus on the comparative study of contemporary world cultures. The department offers courses that support programs in the social, behavioral, and life sciences.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    Anthropology websiteAnthropology class schedule Anthropology catalog excerpt Anthropology Contact Directory
  • Art History
    The Art History Program offers a course of study for students to learn the subject of art history and how it relates to the study of works of art. Students enrolled in art history courses learn about the subjects, forms, and purposes of art within each historical period that they study. They learn about the artists, the patrons, and the audiences who viewed the works of art. Students learn to accurately identify and describe art works, as well as to use the principles of art history in their critical writing about art. They also learn about related approaches of visual analysis which reflect changes in the discipline of art history, and which become an additional basis to critical thinking and writing about art.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    • A.A.-T Degree (CSU guaranteed transfer)
    Art History websiteArt History class schedule Art History catalog excerpt Art History Contact Directory
  • Art Photography
    The Art Photography program offers courses in B&W, color, alternative processes, digital photography, basic studio lighting and a survey of contemporary trends in photography. Our classes emphasize technical skills and creative image making. We have an excellent facility and an outstanding faculty and staff. Art Photography is part of the Art Studio program in the Visual, Applied, and Performing Arts Division. All Art Photography classes transfer either to the UC or CSU systems.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    • Digital Photography | Skills Certificate
    • Historical and Alternative Photography | Skills Certificate
    • Traditional Black and White Photography | Skills Certificate
    Art Photography websiteArt Photography class schedule Art Photography catalog excerpt Art Photography Contact Directory
  • Art Studio
    The Art-Studio Program offers beginning and intermediate courses that provide students with the knowledge and experience needed for a broad understanding of the visual arts. For beginning students, the curricula offer drawing and composition, two-dimensional and three-dimensional design, and art history. After completing the four core courses in studio art, students may then advance to intermediate courses and complete their major by concentrating their course work in one of the studio art discipline options.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    Art StudiowebsiteArt Studio class schedule Art Studio catalog excerpt Art Studio Contact Directory
  • Asian Studies
    Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary major which allows students to focus on a particular area of interest in Asian Studies while gaining an overall knowledge of the area. With increasing globalization, Asia's political, economic, and social roles have become increasingly important to the world and to the United States.In the United States our knowledge of the area lags far behind our need for understanding. Not only is there a need for greater knowledge of the Asian in our contemporary world, but also a better acquaintance with the region's century old traditions.These traditions give us a fresh perspective on the diver- sity and genius of human achievement and are indispensable keys to under-standing modern China, Japan, and the entire Asian region.This major is will be particularly valuable to those who wish to pursue careers in International Business and/or International Politics. California, living on the Pacific Rim, makes knowledge of Asia an area imperative study for those who want to be successful in business and international relations.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    Asian Studies websiteAsian Studies catalog excerpt Asian Studies Contact Directory
  • Astronomy
    The major in astronomy provides a study of the universe at large and the physical processes that govern it. Astronomy is the oldest science and uses many of the tools of modern technology.
    • A.S. Degree (transfer option)
    Astronomywebsiteclass schedule Astronomy catalog excerpt Astronomy Contact Directory
  • Athletics
    UC will accept a limited number of Kinesiology and sports theory courses. To enroll in competitive athletics courses a student should be able to demonstrate the advanced skills necessary for safe participation in the activity. To compete, students must also meet state elegibility requirements.
    • See Kinesiology for related degrees and transfer options
    Athletics website class scheduleAthletics catalog excerptAthletics Contact Directory
  • Bilingual / Bicultural Studies
    Bilingual bicultural Studies is an interdisciplinary program that adds depth to many careers in the areas of second language proficiency and cross-cultural competency. It is valuable to those planning to enter the field of bilingual/cross-cultural education and also enhances the overall preparation of students planning careers or pursuing degrees in a profession or course of study in which bilingual and/or cross-cultural competency is desirable.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    Bilingual / Bicultural Studies websiteBilingual / Bicultural Studies class schedule Bilingual / Bicultural Studies catalog excerpt Bilingual / Bicultural Studies Contact Directory
  • Biology
    Biology is the study of living organisms. Through the use of the scientific method, biologists seek to understand the unity and diversity of life. By understanding biological processes, we can make intelligent decisions regarding our environment, our health and our place in the ecosystem.
    • A.A or A.S. Degree (transfer option for either degree)
    Biology websiteBiology class schedule Biology catalog excerpt Biology Contact Directory
  • Business
    The General Business program offers three options: an Associate in Science degree or Certificate of Proficiency which are designed for direct employment, and an Associate in Arts degree designed for transfer to a four-year college or university. Students planning to transfer should follow the requirements and consult an advisor of the four-year institution that they are planning to attend. The Associate in science degree provides students with skills, knowledge and judgment requisite for business careers. This program has been developed with the assistance of the Santa Cruz County business community. Many positions in business and government service require general business training. Retail organizations, financial institutions, insurance agencies, and government are but a few of the employers offering opportunities to the person with general business training.
    • General Business A.A. or A.S. Degree (A.A. transfer option)
    • Business Administration A.S.-T Degree (CSU guaranteed transfer)
    • General Business Certificate of Achievement
    • Entrepreneurships/Small Business Skills Certificate
    Business website Business brochure Business class schedule Business catalog excerpt Business Contact Directory
  • Chemistry
    Chemistry is the study of the properties, composition and transformations of all material substances. It is often called the "central science" since it draws from mathematics and physics and forms a necessary background to the study of the earth sciences and all the biological disciplines, including the various medical professions.A chemistry major is considered excellent preparation for medical school.
    • A.A. or A.S. Degree (transfer option for either degree)
    Chemistry websiteChemistry class schedule Chemistry catalog excerpt Chemistry Contact Directory
  • Chinese, Mandarin
    • no certificates or degrees offered at this time
    Chinese, Mandarin websiteChinese, Mandarin class schedule Chinese, Mandarin catalog excerpt Chinese, Mandarin Contact Directory
  • Communication Studies
    In the broadest sense, Communication Studies is the study of all human communication with a focus upon verbal behavior. It is not limited to the training of great orators as the leaders of society, but includes training for and analysis of communication within small and large groups, between two individuals and even communication within the individual. In all forms of speech communication, people talk together in order to influence the behavior of other human beings.Topics in this field include: political debates, uses of propaganda, gender differences in communication, censorship of speech, uses of power within groups, needs of non-native speakers, the oral interpretation of literature, and techniques for overcoming speech anxiety.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    • A.A.-T Degree (CSU guaranteed transfer)
    Communication Studies websiteCommunication Studies class schedule Communication Studies catalog excerpt Communication Studies Contact Directory
  • Computer Applications / Business Technology
    Acquire skills for success! The CABT (Computer Applications/Business Technology) program (formerly BOST department) is designed to prepare students for successful employment in a wide range of business, office, technology and computer-related jobs. An important focus of the program is to develop skills for applying computer technology to the business and professional workplace. CABT computer applications courses are based on the objectives required for MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certification.
    • Computer/Business Application | A.S. Degree
    • Computer/Business Application | Certificate of Achievement
    • Administrative Support | Certificate of Achievement
    • Computer for the Office | Skills Certificate
    • Professional Computer Applications | Skill Certificate
    • Related to this discipline: Digital Publishing and Web Media
    Computer Applications / Business Technology website Computer Applications / Business Technology brochure Computer Applications / Business Technology class schedule Computer Applications / Business Technology catalog excerpts Computer Applications / Business Technology Contact Directory
  • Computer & Information Systems
    Computer and Information Systems is the umbrella department for vocational programs in computers and technology. These programs provide job opportunities in computer technology, often without a Bachelor's degree. Please see our website for more information.

    Computer Support Specialist Computer / Information Systems website Computer Support Specialist brochure Computer / Information Systems class schedule Computer / Information Systems catalog excerpt Computer / Information Systems Contact Directory
  • Computer Networking & System Administration
    • A.S. Degree in Computer Networking and System Administration
    • Computer Networking and System Administration | Certificate of Achievement
    • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) | Skills Certificate
    • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCPA) Security | Certificate of Achievement
    • Microfoft System Administration | Skills Certificate
    • UNIX / LINUX System Administration | Skills Certificate
    Computer Networking and System Admininstration website Computer Networking and System Administration brochureComputer / Information Systems class schedule Computer / Information Systems catalog excerpt Computer Networking / System Administration Contact Directory
  • Computer Science
    Computers can do almost anything, but it is the intelligence and creativity of the computer scientist that is responsible for the technological innovations that have so radically transformed every aspect of our society and our lives. Computer scientists have developed software, the instructions given to computers, that is among the most complex creations that humans have ever attempted. With computer software we have been able to send robots to other planets for long periods without the need for human intervention. It has allowed us to examine the minute structure of DNA -- the very building blocks of life. Computer science is a fascinating and challenging subject that deals with big questions like, "What is intelligence and can we reproduce it in a machine?" Or, "How do we make sense out of the billions of gigabytes of data on the Internet?" As a computer science student, you will explore these exciting topics and many more.
    • A.A. or A.S. Degree (transfer option for either degree)
    • C++ Programming | Certificate of Achievement
    • Java Programming | Certificate of Achievement
    • Programming | Certificate of Achievement
    • Game Programming in Java | Skills Certificate
    • Web Programming Fundamentals | Skills Certificate
    • Web Programming | Certificate of Achievement
    • Related to this discipline: Computer and Information Systems, Digital Media
    Computer Science website Computer Science brochure Computer Science class schedule Computer Science catalog excerpts Computer Science Contact Directory
  • Computer Support Specialist
    See Degrees, Certificate options under Computer & Information Systems above.
  • Construction / Energy Management
    The Construction and Energy Management program provides students with a basic background in the management of construction projects. Students will find employment in the broad spectrum of opportunities available in the construction industry. The program also provides continuing education for those already employed as contractors, site superintendents, project managers, estimators, and other areas related to construction. The program offers a variety of classes for both entry-level and career advancement positions.
    • A.S. Degree in Construction and Energy Management
    • A.S. Degree in Building Inspection and Construction Codes
    • Construction and Energy Management | Certificate of Achievement
    • Building Inspection and Construction Codes | Certificate of Achievement
    • Basic Energy Management | Skills Certificate
    • Building Performance Energy Management | Skills Certificate
    • Construction Basics | Skills Certificate
    • Construction Business Management | Skills Certificate
    • Construction Project Management | Skills Certificate
    • Construction Building Inspection & Codes | Skills Certificate
    • Construction Electrical Inspection and Codes | Skills Certificate
    • Construction Specialty Inspection and Codes | Skills Certificate
    • Construction Trade | Skills Certificate
    • Construction Career Path | Skills Certificate
    • Solar Derived Energy Management
    Construction / Energy Management website Construction / Energy Management brochure Construction / Energy Management class schedule Construction / Energy Management catalog excerpt Construction / Energy Management Contact Directory
  • Counseling & Guidance
    Counseling offers short courses and workshops in career planning, study skills, general transfer requirements, and other topics as needed.
    • no degrees or certificates offered at this time
    Counseling / Guidance websiteCounseling / Guidance class schedule Counseling / Guidance catalog excerpts Counseling / Guidance Contact Directory
  • Criminal Justice
    The Criminal Justice Program is designed to provide students with the basic theoretical knowledge, that will prepare them to transfer to four-year institutions in pre-law, law enforcement, or corrections.The program develops a high level of academic, personal, and professional competence demanded in a wide range of agencies.
    • A.A. Degree in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement or Criminal Justice/Corrections (transfer option)
    • Administration of Justice A.S.-T Degree (CSU guaranteed transfer)
    • A.S. Degree in Law Enforcement or Corrections
    • Related to this discipline: Public Safety, Fire Technology
    Criminal Justice website Criminal Justice brochure Criminal Justice class schedule Criminal Justice catalog excerpts Criminal Justice Contact Directory
  • Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management
    Any dish that a trained culinarian creates can be a work of art in both taste and visual appeal. The Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management curriculum is designed not only to train individuals how to prepare food in a creative fashion, but also to plan menus, calculate food costs, purchase, and manage personnel. Upon completion of the program, the student will know basic food science and nutrition, hospitality skills, beverage operation, and sanitation procedures in the food service kitchen.
    • A.S. Degree
    • Certificate of Achievement
    • Entry Level Baking | Skills Certificate
    • Entry Level Cook | Skills Certificate
    • Entry Level Catering | Skills Certificate
    Culinary Arts / Hospitality Management website Culinary Arts / Hospitality Management brochure Culinary Arts / Hospitality Management class schedule Culinary Arts / Hospitality Management catalog excerpts Culinary Arts / Hospitality Management Contact Directory
  • Dance
    Dance as an academic discipline encompasses the role of dance as a performing art, as well as roles in other areas, including education, health, anthropology, history, and the science of human movement. Bachelor's and graduate degrees in dance and related fields provide a variety of career opportunities in the public and private sectors. Many four-year colleges and universities offer emphases in areas such as modern dance, ballet, performance, choreography, musical theater, dance education, dance therapy, somatics, dance ethnology, dance history, and criticism. Specialties are also offered in physical therapy for dancers, dance for children, seniors, and special education.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    Dance websiteDance class schedule Dance catalog excerpt Dance Contact Directory
  • Dental Hygiene
    Dental hygienists rank among the fastest growing occupations, and job prospects are expected to remain excellent. Employment of dental hygienists is expected to grow 30 percent through 2016, much faster than the average for all occupations. It is the Cabrillo College Dental Hygiene department's philosophy to produce a clinical competent, ethical and knowledgeable dental hygienist who is capable of combining the knowledge from didactic sources in the sciences, social sciences and clinical sciences with the skill and techniques gained from clinical dental hygiene practice and apply this knowledge for the betterment of each individual patient, as well as the community.
    • A.S. Degree
    Dental Hygiene website Dental Hygiene Program brochure Dental Hygiene class schedule Dental Hygiene catalog excerpt Dental Hygiene Contact Directory
  • Digital Management Career Prep (Digital Bridge Academy - Academy for College Excellence)
    The Digital Bridge Academy (DBA) is a nationally-recognized, award-winning, academic program. In one semester, we reignite students’ excitement for learning, accelerate students to successful full-time college-level performance, teach skills highly valued in today’s technology-driven workplace. Students also identify their strengths and goals, and are coached in academic and career planning. Upon completing the DBA, their sense of what they are capable of and vision of how to get there are clear.
    • Preparation for Leadership and Management Careers in the Digital Age | Skills Certificate
    Digital Management Career Preparation (Digital Bridge Academy AKA Academy for College Excellence) website Digital Management Career Preparation (Digital Bridge Academy AKA Academy for College Excellence) brochure Digital Management Career Preparation (Digital Bridge Academy AKA Academy for College Excellence) class schedule Digital Management Career Preparation (Digital Bridge Academy AKA Academy for College Excellence) catalog excerpt Digital Management Career Preparation (Digital Bridge Academy AKA Academy for College Excellence) Contact Directory
  • Digital Publishing and Web Media
    Programs in the Digital Media Department provide instruction in the creation, preparation, and production of media for publication in print and on screen. Classroom instruction and lab assignments give students practical experience in various graphic design, digital publishing, interactive multimedia, motion media, and web media software applications and techniques. Students learn concepts, principles, and processes for digital media project design and development. A.S. Degrees and Certificates of Achievement are offered in the Digital Publishing and Web Media programs. A diverse selection of approved electives allows students to acquire specialized skills in particular areas of interest, such as: photography, CAD, graphic design, illustration, virtual reality, 3D animation, architectural modeling, color theory, engineering graphics, printing techniques, advertising, journalism, music, web design, and web publishing.
    • A.S. Degree in Digital Publishing or Web Media
    • Digital Publishing | Certificate of Achievement
    • Web Media | Certificate of Achievement
    • Web Development | Certificate of Achievement
    • Publication Design | Skills Certificate
    • Graphic Imaging | Skills Certificate
    • Web Design | Certificate of Achievement
    • Website Design | Skills Certificate
    • Web Production | Skills Certificate
    • Motion Media | Skills Certificate
    Digital Publishing and Web Media website Digital Publishing and Web Media brochure Digital Publishing and Web Media class schedule Digital Publishing and Web Media catalog excerpt Digital Publishing and Web Media Contact Directory
  • Early Childhood Education
    The Early Childhood Education Department at Cabrillo College offers an occupational and transfer program that integrates both theoretical and practical coursework to deepen understanding of children, their families, and the teaching and learning process. Within our website we are providing extensive information about our program offered at both at the Aptos and the Watsonville campuses, about areas of specialization, the course completion matrix, and career avenues.
    • A.S. Degree
    • A.S.-T Degree (CSU transfer)
    • Teaching | Certificate of Achievement
    • Early Childhood Education Administration | Certificate of Achievement
    • Curricululm Planning | Cabrillo & State Certificate of Achievement
    • Children's Literacy Curriculum | Cabrillo & State Certificate of Achievement
    • Anti-Bias Curriculum | Cabrillo & State Certificate of Achievement
    • Working with Culturally Diverse Families | Cabrillo & State Certificate of Achievement
    • Bilingual (Spanish / English) Teaching | Cabrillo & State Certificate of Achievement
    • Infant / Toddler Care | Cabrillo & State Certificate of Achievement
    • Spanish / English Early Childhood Teaching | Skills Certificate
    Early Childhood Education website Early Childhood Education Brochure in English Early Childhood Education folleto en español Early Childhood Education class schedule Early Childhood Education catalog excerpt Early Childhood Education Contact Directory
  • Economics
    Economics is concerned with the way individuals and societies allocate scarce resources, how resources are turned into the things people want, and how those things are distributed. Any situation requiring choice among competing needs can be viewed as an economic problem. Economics courses enable students to study the way households and businesses make these choices (microeconomics), the way governments make these choices and the consequences of these choices for the nation as a whole (macroeconomics). The curriculum also addresses international trade, social welfare, money and banking, taxation, and environmental protection.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    Economics websiteEconomics class schedule Economics catalog excerpt Economics Contact Directory
  • Education
    The Teacher Preparation Pipeline program mission is to identify future teachers and give them an opportunity to start their career pathway to teaching by starting at the Community College level. This program is designed to support students that are interested in K-12 education and/or students and professionals working in industry who want to teach Career and Technical Education (CTE). Education website Education brochure Education class schedule Education catalog excerpts Education Contact Directory
  • Emergency Medical Technician
    An EMT Skills Certificate and refresher courses are offered by the Fire Technology program.
  • Engineering
    Cabrillo College offers a comprehensive engineering program that prepares students for transfer with full junior standing to four-year engineeering colleges in California and across the United States. Presently, California universities that grant BS degrees in engineering count on community colleges to provide approximately 50% of their junior class. Cabrillo's engineering program provides the facilities, equipment and teaching faculty to present the very finest lower division engineering education to the greatest number of students, so they can transfer and successfully complete a degree in engineering. This program is the integral part of the Cabrillo's college-wide transfer mission and is highly respected by the four-year engineering colleges throughout California.
    • A.S. Degree (transfer option)
    Engineering Program website Engineering Program brochure Engineering Program class schedule Engineering Program catalog excerpt Engineering Program Contact Directory
  • Engineering Technology
    This Associate of Science Degree/Certificate Program is an industry advised program designed for students who have a strong interest in hands-on technical work based in electronics, manufacturing, animation and design drafting. Employment Opportunities await our graduates, locally in the Silicon Valley, and globally. Visit our website for more information.
    • A.S. Degree
    • Engineering Technology | Certificate of Achievement
    • Architectural Drafting & Design | Skills Certificate
    • Civil / Survey Drafting | Skills Certificate
    • Computer Aided Drafting & Design | Skills Certificate
    • Computer Animation | Skills Certificate
    • Manufacturing Specialist | Skills Certificate
    • Technology & Trades | Skills Certificate
    Engineering Technology website Engineering Technology Program brochure Engineering Technology class schedule Engineering Technology catalog excerpts Engineering Technology Contact Directory
  • English
    Students majoring in English at Cabrillo may take courses in composition, critical thinking, research writing, creative writing, journalism, film, teaching and tutoring techniques, and a wide range of literature courses, including British and American surveys, Mythology and Folklore, Children's Literature, World Literature, and studies of Chicana/o-Latina/o, Native American, African American, and Latin American poetry and prose.These courses help students to write effectively and persuasively, to hone their critical thinking skills, and to cultivate their understanding and appreciation of literature in the context of culture.Majoring in English leads directly to careers in teaching, journalism, publishing and editing, technical writing, public relations, and advertising.It is also excellent preparation for careers in law, communications, government, and a variety of business environments.Many four-year colleges and universities require English majors to study a foreign language. Consult a counselor for specific information about the requirements of the school you plan to attend.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    • A.A.-T Degree (CSU guaranteed transfer)
    English websiteEnglish class schedule English catalog excerpt English Contact Directory
  • English as a Second Language
    The Cabrillo College English as a Second Language program serves both resident and foreign students from all over the world. It is designed to prepare non-native speakers to succeed in regular academic and vocational classes by helping them read, write, comprehend, and speak American English from beginning to college level.
    • no degrees or certificates offered at this time
    English as a Second Language website English as A Second Language Program brochure English as a Second Language class schedule English as a Second Language catalog excerpt English as a Second Language Contact Directory
  • Environmental Science
    • no degrees or certificates offered at this time
    • See related disciplines: Geology, Oceanography
    Environmental Studies class schedule Environmental Studies  catalog excerpt Environmental Studies Contact Directory
  • Fire Technology
    Today, fire service personnel are faced with a diverse and complex environment.Firefighters must be well trained to deal effectively with the fire protection problems, emergency medical care response, and hazardous materials emergencies.The Fire Technology Program at Cabrillo emphasizes basic educational skills in mathematics, chemistry, and communications, as well as fire protection curriculum designed to prepare students for careers in the fire protection field.
    • A.A. or A.S. Degree in Fire Technology (transfer option for the A.A. degree only)
    • A.S. Degree in Fire Service Management
    • Fire Service Management | Certificate of Achievement
    • Emergency Medical Technician | Skills Certificate
    • Related to this discipline: Public Safety, Criminal Justice
    Fire Technology website Fire Technology brochure Emergency Medical Technician brochure Fire Technology class schedule Fire Technology catalog excerpt Fire Technology Contact Directory
  • Foreign Languages
    See World Languages and/or specific language: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, American Sign Language, and Spanish
  • French
    • No degrees offered at this time.
    French websiteFrench class schedule French catalog excerpt French Contact Directory
  • General Education
    These Certificates are granted for your completion of a transferable general education pattern. You may achieve one of these certificates separately from a transferable associate degree.
    • IGETC | Certificate of Achievement (for CSU or UC)
    • CSU General Education Breadth | Certificate of Achievement
    General Education Transfer SiteGeneral Education catalog excerpt
  • General Science
    See Science, General
  • Geography
    Geography is a comprehensive study of the earth.Physical geography is a natural science that investigates the causes and distribution of natural phenomena.Geographers study weather, climate, landform soils, tides, and water bodies. Cultural geography is a social science which studies and compares location and distribution of human values. Religion, technology, cultures, languages, economics, political ideologies, urban areas, population and recreation combine to produce a cultural landscape.Regional geography, also a social science, concentrates on specific regions of the world.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    • Related to this discipline: Meteorology
    Geography websiteGeography class schedule Geography catalog excerpt Geography Contact Directory
  • Geology
    Geology is the study of Earth materials and processes. A masters or Ph.D. in this field will enable the graduate to have a career in a wide variety of fields such as research, academia, engineering/consulting, geohydrology, seismology, volcanology, geophysics, glaciology, and economic geology (ore and hydrocarbon deposits), to name a few. Geology and Earth Sciences are offered as majors at UC and CSU. Geology websiteGeology class schedule Geology catalog excerpt Geology Contact Directory
  • German
    • No Degrees of Certificates Offered at this time.
    German websiteGerman class schedule German catalog excerpts German Contact Directory
  • Health Science / Community Health
    A thorough understanding of human health and well-being is crucial to all individuals. It is fundamental to student performance. It is essential for a functional society. Student health education has been a priority of Cabrillo College since it was founded. It is the mission of the Health Science Department at Cabrillo College to provide students with the necessary educational tools to lead productive and healthful lives in an ever-changing world. In the field of Community & Individual health there is an increasing need for public health awareness regarding the crucial health issues of our time. Topics in our classes address subjects such as substance abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, mental health, nutrition and others which all contribute to the healthy individual.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    Health Science / Community Health websiteHealth Science / Community Health class schedule Health Science / Community Health catalog excerpts Health Science / Community Health Contact Directory
  • History
    At the crossroads of the humanities, the arts, and the social sciences, history is the study of human experience as it has unfolded over the ages. As an academic discipline it presents a unique gateway both to the richness of our cultural heritage and to the immense variety of world civilizations.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    • A.A.-T Degree (CSU guaranteed transfer)
    History websiteHistory class schedule History catalog excerpts History Contact Directory
  • Horticulture
    The horticulture program prepares students for entry level to management jobs and self-employment in diverse horticulture businesses. It also provides a foundation for people transferring to four-year programs in Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. It affords local horticulturists and working professionals the means to upgrade their skills and knowledge. Opportunities to obtain valuable experience are provided in the greenhouse/garden facility and by working to enhance campus landscapes.
    • A.S. Degree in either General Horticulture & Crop Production or Landscape Horticulture
    • Landscape Horticulture | Certificate of Achievement
    • General Horticulture & Crop Production | Certificate of Achievement
    • Greenhouse & Nursery Management | Skills Certificate
    • Alternative Food Production Methods | Skills Certificate
    • Arboriculture | Skills Certificate
    • General Horticulture | Skills Certificate
    • Home Horticulture | Skills Certificate
    • Landscape Design | Skills Certificate
    • Landscape Gardener | Skills Certificate
    • Landscaping | Skills Certificate
    Horticulture website Horticulture brochure Horticulture class schedule Horticulture catalog excerpt Horticulture Contact Directory
  • Human Services
    Designed for students and paraprofessionals, this program provides an overview of the field of Human Services and explores issues and dynamics within the social services delivery system. Students will participate in both an academic course of study and a work-based learning experience focusing on the history, theory, development, and implementation of our society's responses to human needs. Program participants will develop knowledge of the issues related to Human Services and build competencies in practice interventions, strategies, technologies and resources for the delivery of Human Services.
    • A.S. Degree
    • Human Services Generalist Practice | Certificate of Achievement
    • Human Services Generalist Practice | Skills Certificate
    • Human Services Drug & Alcohol Studies | Skills Certificate
    Human Services website Human Services brochure Human Services class schedule Human Services catalog excerpts Human Services Contact Directory
  • Italian
    • No Degrees of Certificates Offered at this time.
    Italian websiteItalian class schedule Italian catalog excerps Italian Contact Directory
  • International Studies
    Modern technology has permanently changed the character of life on this planet. With the speed of modern communication, events that occur half a world away-military, economic, political-impact us almost immediately. Given this global perspective, a major which examines the increasing interdependence of nations from several points of view-political, economic, historical and geographical-will better prepare today's student to live in and contribute to the modern world. The International Studies program at Cabrillo is a pattern of courses leading to an Associate in Arts degree only and does not meet the transfer requirement for the International Studies major. Students planning to transfer should consult the catalog of the university to which they intend to transfer.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    International Studies website International Studies catalog excerpt International Studies Contact Directory
  • Japanese
    • No Degrees of Certificates Offered at this time.
    Japanese websiteJapanese class schedule Japanese catalog excerpt Japanese Contact Directory
  • Journalism
    Cabrillo College's Journalism program is designed to give students hands-on experience in print journalism.It prepares students for jobs in journalism that don't require a bachelor's degree. Possible career opportunities include working as a stringer for a newspaper, producing newsletters for companies and organizations, free-lancing as a writer, or working as a photojournalist or in newspaper layout. Cabrillo's program offers a one-year Certificate of Achievement and a two-year Associate in Science Degree, as well as a two-year Associate in Arts Degree and/or transfer credit to four-year institutions for higher degrees.
    • A.A. or A.S. Degree in Journalism (transfer option for the A.A. degree only)
    • Journalism | Certificate of Achievement
    Journalism website Journalism brochure Journalism class schedule Journalism catalog excerpt Journalism Contact Directory
  • Kinesiology
    The Kinesiology Department offers a comprehensive program that focuses on health, wellness, and lifelong relationships with physical activity. Students range from high school students to senior adults who engage in a variety of classes from fitness to sports skills. A sampling of our fitness classes include yoga, total fitness, weight training, water aerobics, weight management, core fitness, fitness camp, hiking, and aerobic fitness. Some of our sport specific classes include golf, tennis, swimming, soccer, basketball, water polo, volleyball, and frisbee. Currently we offer many activity classes and several lecture classes. For a complete listing, view the schedule of classes to find one that’s right for you. Our faculty is committed to helping you reach your fitness, performance, and educational goals. See the staff directory for phone numbers and email addresses of instructors.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    • A.A.-T Degree (CSU guaranteed transfer)
    Kinesiology websiteKinesiology class schedule Kinesiology catalog excerpt Kinesiology Contact Directory
  • Law Enforcement
    See Criminal Justice
  • Learning Skills
    • no degrees or certificates offered at this time
    Learning Skills websiteLearning Skills class schedule Learning Skills catalog excerpt Learning Skills Contact Directory
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences
    The Associate Degrees in Liberal Arts and Sciences represents the completion of a broad area of study with an emphasis in Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences or Interdisciplinary Studies. The degree is designed primarily for students who are transferring to the California State University or the University of California in a variety of majors. Optionally, the degree may be earned by students following a non-transferable general education pattern.
    • A.A. in Liberal Arts and Science (transfer option)
    • A.A. or A.S. in Liberal Arts and Sciences (non-transfer)
    Liberal Arts and Sciences catalog excerpt Liberal Arts and Sciences Contact Directory
  • Library Science / Information Science
    A master's degree in Library Science/Information Science leads to a career in a variety of library settings, including school libraries, public libraries, and academic libraries. Admission to a Library Science or Information Science master's degree program requires a bachelor's degree. A student interested in librarianship usually has an academic major and transfers to a four-year institution to complete a bachelor's degree.
    • no certificates or degrees offered at this time
    >Library Science / Information Science website>Library Science / Information Science class schedule >Library Science / Information Science catalog excerpt >Library Science / Information Science Contact Directory
  • Mathematics
    Cabrillo College has a long tradition of providing quality mathematics education from the very basics through elementary calculus and differential equations. We can support your math growth, from arithmetic through university-level mathematics with our coursework, excellent tutoring assistance in the Math Learning Center, and math anxiety and study skills help. Throughout our department, we are here for you and your success. Welcome!
    • A.S. Degree (transferable and non-transferable)
    • A.S.-T Degree (CSU guaranteed transfer)
    Mathematics websiteMathematics class schedule Mathematics catalog excerpt Mathematics Contact Directory
  • Medical Assistant
    Rewarding careers begin in the Medical Assistant Department where we have been keeping the pulse on healthcare for 40 years! The medical field continues to grow and students from our department are in high demand. To meet that need, we are pleased to offer several programs toward a successful career in the medical field.
    • Medical Assistant A.S. Degree
    • Medical Assistant | Certificate of Achievement
    • Medical Insurance Specialist A.S. Degree
    • Medical Insurance Specialist | Certificate of Achievement
    • Phlebotomy Technician | Skills Certificate
    • Electronic Health Records | Skills Certificate
    • Related Health Occupation Programs: Nursing, Radiologic Technology, Dental Hygiene
    Medical Assistant website Medical Assistant brochure Medical Assistant class schedule Medical Assistant catalog excerpt Medical Assistant Contact Directory
  • Meteorology
    Meteorology is that branch of natural science which deals with the atmosphere and its interactions with the rest of the planet Earth. It is both an applied and theoretical science.Students who wish to major in the field should have a good understanding of mathematics, chemistry and physics.
    • No certificates or degrees offered at this time.
    • Related to this discipline: Geography
    Meteorology websiteMeteorology class schedule Meteorology catalog excerpts Meteorology Contact Directory
  • Music
    The music curriculum provides a program for the student who wishes to (1) pursue an advanced degree in music, (2) become a professional musician, (3) prepare for a career in public school teaching, (4) broaden a general knowledge of music, or (5) develop performance skills. Students will be given the theory, keyboard, and sight-reading skills necessary to transfer to a four-year college music curriculum, where they will be expected to pass proficiency exams in each of these areas. Participation in at least one principal performance group is highly recommended for each semester.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    • Music Technology | Skills Certificate
    Music websiteMusic class schedule Music catalog excerpt Music Contact Directory
  • Nursing
    Students are admitted to the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program in August or February of each year. Theory courses, practice skills labs and clinical experiences are coordinated to enhance the student's' learning. Students are eligible to write the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) at the completion of all required courses. Due to the intense nature of the Associate Degree Nursing Program, it is advisable to complete as many of the general education requirements as possible before entering.
    • A.S. Degree
    • 30-unit option for current LVNs
    • Pre-Nursing transfer option
    Nursing website Nursing brochure Nursing class schedule Nursing catalog excerpt Nursing Contact Directory
  • Nutrition
    See Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management
  • Oceanography
    Oceanography websiteOceanography class schedule Oceanography catalog excerpt Oceanography Contact Directory
  • Philosophy
    Philosophy is concerned with our most fundamental assumptions about human experience. The study of philosophy involves such questions as: What can we know and how do we know it? What criteria should we use to decide whether an action is right or wrong? What makes human life worthwhile? Philosophy is also concerned with the way in which we answer these questions, i.e. with the construction and evaluation of arguments.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    Philosophy websitePhilosophy class schedule Philosophy catalog excerpts Philosophy Contact Directory
  • Physical Education
    See Kinesiology
  • Physics
    Physics is the study of nature, from the tiniest elementary particle to the entire universe. For science and engineering students, the knowledge and skills learned in physics courses provide a solid foundation for further study or employment in many fields. For non-science students, the concepts of physics give new and exciting insights into our everyday world--topics include force, energy, light, sound, atoms, space and time and much more!
    • A.S. Degree (transfer option)
    • A.S.-T Degree (CSU transfer)
    Physics websitePhysics class schedule Physics catalog excerpt Physics Contact Directory
  • Political Science
    Political Science is the systematic study of politics, political institutions and governmental processes by the application of scientific methods of analysis and critical examination. Political science is concerned with the objectives and ends of politics and the way in which political society should be organized in order to realize those objectives and ends. Courses in political science enable students to study and understand how political and governmental institutions make and implement decisions and the effects those decisions have on individual, group, and societal behavior.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    • A.A.-T Degree (CSU guaranteed transfer)
    Political Science websitePolitical Science class schedule Political Sciencecatalog excerpt Political Science Contact Directory
  • Psychology
    Psychology is the study of our thinking, feeling and behaving. It is the study of human beings, by far the most complex phenomenon on the planet. Cabrillo College offers a diverse program with several goals: 1) to expose students to the various subfields in psychology; 2) to engender knowledge of and appreciation for scientific inquiry; 3) to facilitate insight into oneself and increase knowledge of and sensitivity to others; and 4) to introduce students to the basic body of knowledge, thus preparing them for further study in psychology.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    • A.A.-T Degree (CSU guaranteed transfer)
    Psychology websitePsychology class schedule Psychology catalog excerpt Psychology Contact Directory
  • Public Safety
    See Degrees, Certificates, and Transfer Options under Criminal Justice and Fire Technology
  • Radiologic Technology
    An entering class begins our two-year program once each year in the fall semester. Students admitted to the Radiologic Technology Program will be given 22.5 months of on-campus training in the classroom setting, as well as specialized off-campus laboratory experience at local hospitals. The laboratory experience requires 16 to 40 hours a week depending on the length of the semester/session. This program prepares the student for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists examination, the California State Certification, and the California State Fluoroscopy permit examination. An Associate in Science degree is awarded concurrent with successful completion of the program. Radiologic Technology website Radiologic Technology brochure Radiologic Technology class schedule Radiologic Technology catalog excerpt Radiologic Technology Contact Directory
  • Reading
    • no degrees or certificates offered at this time
    Reading websiteReading class schedule Reading catalog excerpt Reading Contact Directory
  • Real Estate
    • This program is suspended - no degrees or certificates offered at this time.
    Real Estate website Real Estate brochure Real Estate class schedule Real Estate catalog excerpt Real Estate Contact Directory
  • Science, General
    The major in General Science provides a broad background in the sciences. Students completing this degree will have familiarity with concepts in many of the disciplines of science, including proficiency in laboratory methods. This degree may prepare the student to transfer to various science programs. Requirements for further study vary from campus to campus.See a counselor and consult catalogs for specific information on admission and general education requirements.
    • A.A. or A.S. Degree (transfer option for either degree)
    Science, General catalog excerpt Science, General Contact Directory
  • Sociology
    Sociology is the scientific study of human interaction. As such, it explores the various factors that bring people together to form groups, as well as the factors that make groups either persist over time or break apart. Sociology may focus on the "micro" level of social interaction, which is concerned with the ways individuals interact in face-to-face settings to create and sustain social meaning. Sociology also focuses on the "macro" level of society, which is concerned with larger entities such as economic, political, religious, educational or familial institutions. At this level, sociology is concerned with both the internal operation of these institutions, the ways in which they influence one another, and the functioning of society as a whole. Any topic related to how or why people treat each other in the ways that they do is a legitimate question for sociology. One major concern of sociology is with modern social problems, which include topics such as racism, sexism, poverty, health care, deviance, population and the environment. A bachelor's degree in sociology is an excellent general preparation for careers in social work, personnel and human resources, the criminal justice system, education, marketing research, law firms, political campaigns and journalism.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    • A.A.-T (CSU transfer)
    Sociology websiteSociology class schedule Sociology catalog excerpt Sociology Contact Directory
  • Spanish
    The Spanish department offers courses that serve as a basis for broad liberal education, for advanced work in languages, as preparation for the teaching credential, and as supplementary preparation for many careers. These include emergency services, the legal and medical professions, social work, business, foreign service, public relations, journalism, translation and interpretation. Training in the Spanish language is widely considered essential preparation for teachers in California's public schools.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    Spanish websiteSpanish class schedule Spanish catalog excerpt Spanish Contact Directory
  • Special Studies - Career Work Experience Education
    Coursework that allows exploring special aspects of subject matter with one or more faculty members or provides an opportunity to review in greater detail the material covered in class.
    • No degrees or certificates offered at this time
    Career Work Experience Education websiteCareer Work Experience Education class schedule Career Work Experience Education catalog excerpt Career Work Experience Education Contact Directory
  • Stroke & Disability Learning Center (Special Education)
    The purpose of the program is provide a rehabilitative environment that stimulates healing and wellness--assisting students in developing the highest potential level of their physical, emotional, and social capabilities, while, at the same time, learning to recognize and accept the life-adaptations required by their disabling condition. For over three decades, the Stroke & Disability Learning Center (Special Education) has provided a significant service to local residents by helping to fulfill the mission of Cabrillo College to " . . . [assist] all students in their quest for lifelong learning and success in an ever-changing world."
    • no degrees or certificates offered at this time
    Stroke and Disability Learning Center websiteStroke and Disability Learning Center class schedule Stroke and Disability Learning Center catalog excerpt Stroke and Disability Learning Center Contact Directory
  • Theater Arts
    The study of Theatre Arts/Drama requires creative technical and performance skills that benefit students in their individual relationships with others in social and artistic environments. Students selecting to major and minor in Theatre Arts/Drama frequently choose this area of study for three reasons: (1) to enter the professional fields of theatre, film, television, radio, and modeling; (2) to enter communication fields in teaching, business, industry and law; (3) to pursue personal goals or leisure activity in community events.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    • A.A.-T Degree (CSU guaranteed transfer)
    Theater Arts websiteTheater Arts class schedule Theater Arts catalog excerpt Theater Arts Contact Directory
  • Welding
    Welding Technology is an integral part of all industries that require the fabrication, maintenance and repair of metal structures. The Welding Technology program at Cabrillo is designed to prepare students for entry level employment in welding and fabrication related industries, which include agriculture, construction, manufacturing, marine technology, and transportation.
    • Basic Welding | Skills Certificate
    • Advanced Welding | Skills Certificate
    Welding website Welding brochure Welding class schedule Welding catalog excerpt Welding Contact Directory
  • Women's Studies
    The Women's Studies major is an interdisciplinary major which gives students the opportunity to study women's experiences and questions of gender from a variety of perspectives, including feminist theory, history, religion, literature, cross cultural studies, psychology, sociology, sexuality, women and work, and women and the family. Courses in this major enrich the student's knowledge of the historical, social, and cultural contributions of women from many ethnic groups all over the world, provide a feminist perspective on the study of sexual and racial oppression, and promote a rigorous scholarly inquiry of women's rapidly changing economic, legal, and political position in society. The program also emphasizes personal growth through student participation and collaboration. Women's Studies courses attempt to define a society free of sexual, ethnic, age and class barriers.
    • A.A. Degree (transfer option)
    Women's Studies websiteWomen's Studies class schedule Women's Studies catalog excerpt Women's Studies Contact Directory
  • World Languages
    The Department of World Languages offers courses which serve as a basis for broad liberal education for advanced work in languages, as preparation for the teaching credential, and as supplementary preparation for many careers. Cabrillo language courses provide preparatory work for language majors and minors, satisfy requirements of other majors, and fulfill general education requirements. World Languages website World Languages catalog excerpts World Languages Contact Directory
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