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Contact Information

Internship & Work Experience Instructor: Matthew Weis
Phone: 831.477.5650
Email: Message Me
Location: Cabrillo College - SAC West Building, 1st Floor
6500 Soquel Ave
Aptos, CA 95003

Internship and Work Experience Program Resources

Course Syllabus document

Student Check-List document

Employer/Student Contact Information document

All students enrolled in CWEE are required to submit an Employer/Student Contact Information form. This form provides all of the information needed to contact you and your employer. It also helps confirm you are enrolled in the correct section of CWEE.

After completing this form it will need to be printed, signed by you, and signed by your employer before it is submitted to the CWEE office. It is important that you complete all information on the application and submit this on or before the due date.

Job Description document

All students must submit a job description, which will help CWEE faculty provide suggestions regarding learning objectives. You can submit a pre-written job description provided by your employer, or you can use the Job Description form found on the CWEE website.

Learning Objectives Worksheet document

All students will complete this document following the orientation to prepare for the learning objectives meeting.

Learning Objectives Agreement document

This will be completed together with the instructor at the learning objective meeting. It will need to be signed by all parties and submitted.

Time Tracking Sheet document

Students will document and track hours worked at the site that count toward completion of approved learning objectives using the provided Student Time Card. The time card must be signed by supervisor and submitted at the end of your work experience course.

Self Evaluation document

You are required to complete an evaluation of your overall experience enrolled in CWEE. Please refer to the provided evaluation document and take time to provide feedback on your performance as well as your worksite and work experience instructor.

Employer Evaluation document

At the conclusion of the semester, your supervisor will complete a one-page evaluation. This Employer Evaluation must be signed by the supervisor and submitted at your final check-in.

Final Project Checklist document

Students are required to complete a final project to be submitted at the end of the work experience course. Students may choose from pre-approved assignments provided by the instructor. In some cases, students may propose an alternative assignment relevant to their experience for instructor approval. More detail regarding the assignment will be provided at the orientation as well as available online.

Project assignments include:

  • Final essay summarizing your work experience outlining skills developed, accomplishments, results, and future career goals.
  • Create a professional online profile utilizing an approved online professional networking tool including an up-to-date resume and personal academic overview.
  • Written summary of career research and analysis of career options

Employer/College Memorandum of Agreement

Paid Internships and Work Experience Agreement document

For paid internships and work experience, the supervisor must review this document, sign, and return it to the student within one week of enrolling.

Unpaid Internships and Work Experience Agreement document

For unpaid internships and work experience, the supervisor must review this document, sign, and return it to the student within one week of enrolling.


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