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art photography building


Open Lab Hours Spring 2015
Side A - VAPA2023 Side B - VAPA2026
Monday 5:35 - 9:00pm (white lights on at 8:30) 2:30 - 9:00pm (white lights on at 8:20)
Tuesday none 2:30 - 9:00pm (white lights on at 8:20)
Wednesday 11:15am - 6:00pm (white lights on at 5:30) 11:15am - 2:30pm (non-M&LF students stop at 1:50)

11:15am - 6:00pm (white lights on at 5:30)

2:30 - 6:00pm (non-9B/C students stop at 5:20)


Friday open labs begin March 20th


11:00am - 4:00pm (white lights on at 3:30) 11:00am - 4:00pm (white lights on at 3:20)
to be announced Digital Lab - VAPA2021
  Studio Lighting Lab - VAPA2022                                          



Lab Equipment

The Cabrillo College Photography program has facilities that allow for studio work, digital imaging, black and white photography, alternative photographic processes, and color photography. The department has large and medium format cameras, pinhole cameras, Holgas, film processing tanks and reels, and other equipment for student use. In addition, students may use or checkout tripods, cable releases, light meters, flashes, lights with stands, books, changing bags and more.

The lab space consists of two separate darkroom areas. One side of the lab is dedicated for use by beginning photography students. The other side is used by students continuing on in photography. Each darkroom has 24 variable contrast enlargers with the ability to print 35mm to 4x5 film sizes. The spacious darkroom has five large stainless steel sinks with state of the art ventilation hoods.

The intermediate/advanced photography darkroom also has a Fujimoto CP51 20” color processor. Five of the enlargers are in their own individual rooms, which allows color and black and white processing to be done at the
same time.

There are two large film-processing rooms each equipped with chemicals, film loading rooms, film washers and a film dryer.


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