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World Languages Department
SLO Information

Student Learner Outcomes

Student Learner Outcomes can be found in the course outline of record in CurricUNET.

Spring 2014 - Core Competency 3: Global Awareness

The process for assessing the core competency:

  • Step One: Identify in which course you will conduct the assessment.
  • Step Two: Choose one major graded assignment or exam that you feel measures some aspect of Core Competency 3: Global Awareness. It should be an assignment you always give that you feel is important.
  • Step Three: Develop a rubric or grading scale that articulates in words how you grade that assignment. If you use an exam, identify groups of specific questions on one of your major exams that you feel address the competency. It will be most helpful if there are several questions.
  • Step Four: Give the assignment or exam during the Spring 14 semester. Grade it using the rubric you developed in Step Three. Keep a record/copy of the rubric or the questions. Make sure to record and summarize the results.
  • Step Five: Review the results of your assessment and record your analysis on the Faculty Assessment Analysis form.
  • Step Six: Bring your completed Faculty Assessment Analysis form, along with the assignment instructions and rubric, to the Fall 14 World Languages Department meeting during Flex Week: Friday, August 29, 2014 / 11:30AM-1:30PM.

During the Fall 14 Flex Week department meeting, each department member should be prepared to discuss the following:

  1. The assignment given.
  2. The results.
  3. Based on the results, describe how you would change or improve the teaching of this assignment. Were you satisfied? What do you need as an instructor to improve your teaching and/or the student learning of the assignment?

At the end of the Flex Week department meeting, we will discuss what the World Languages Department needs to do to improve the teaching and learning in department courses in general and what we need from the college.


Contact Information
World Languages Department
Chair: Nancy Stucker
Phone: 831.477.3221
Location: Room 301
Department Staff and Faculty Directory Map and Directions
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