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Governance Committees

College Planning Committee (CPC)

The College Planning Committee advises and makes recommendations to the President on college matters that are consistent with the college mission requiring broad institutional input in service to our students, the college, and community.

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Budget Committee (BC)

The Budget Committee helps establish common understanding within the college on significant budget planning assumptions and helps facilitate the transmission of knowledge about the college's annual operating costs.

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Facilities Planning Committee (FPC)

The Facilities Planning Committee updates the Facilities Master Plan and issues with significant remodeling, renovation, or other space modifications which require special funding beyond component base budget resources.

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Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC)

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee improves program planning and resource allocation processes to support student learning by ensuring program planning processes are documented and recommending improvements to processes to ensure efficacy in fulfilling the college mission and that the campus meets accreditation standards.

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Outcomes Assessment Review Committee (OARC)

OARC provides support to faculty and staff engaged in outcomes assessment by analyzing the results of those efforts and making recommendations for how to improve them.

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Professional Development Committee (formerly PETL)

Cabrillo Professional Development is a college-wide initiative to promote growth as an educational community. Professional development opportunities promote and support excellence in teaching and learning, technological advancement, institutional effectiveness, and student support.

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Student Equity and Achievement (SEA)

Charged with supporting the development of the Integrated Plan (IP) for 2017-2019 for the Basic Skills Initiative, Student Equity Program, and Student Success and Support Program.

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Technology Committee

Makes reccomendations for development and updating of the technology plan and priorities that will support and accelerate the accomplishment of the College Master Plan.

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