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The Associated Students of Cabrillo College
Student Senate


The 2016-2017 ASCC Student Senate wishes you a magnificent semester. Come visit our office in Room 902 and let's make this campus a better place together!

NOTICE: This website is currently under construction. We recognize that some information is out of date and are working to bring you the most current information possible. If you have any questions, please reach out to one of our contacts on the right and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


1) Cabrillo Transportation Survey Input for METRO Bus Routes: Your Input is Needed!!!
You are invited to fill out the Cabrillo Transportation Survey Input for METRO Bus Routes, by visiting:

Why you should fill this out:  Starting in Fall 2016, all Cabrillo College students will be issued a $40 bus pass. We need your input as to how these funds will be used to fund the routes that come to Cabrillo College.
Further Information:

  • Santa Cruz METRO looks forward to providing the Cabrillo community with a bus service which students can use to meet all for their travel needs including trips to Cabrillo as well as other trips 7 days a week around Santa Cruz County for work, social, and other purposes.
  • Your Student Senate will procure bus services from METRO with your Bus Pass Fee. A Cabrillo/METRO Bus Service Planning Team is working to identify what specific services the Cabrillo community would like to receive for their annual investment in the METRO bus system.
  •  Public input has suggested that services in the Watsonville to Santa Cruz corridor are important for Cabrillo students. Currently, Route 91X, which is currently proposed for elimination as of September 8th, serves this corridor along with Routes #69W and #71.
  •  Initial work with the Cabrillo representatives has suggested that maintaining some level of Route #91 would be a significant priority for Cabrillo. Route #55 which operates between Capitola Mall and Rio Del Mar/La Selva Beach also serves Cabrillo College.
  •  In pursuit of designing the best set of services for Cabrillo, the Bus Service Planning Team would like you to answer a few questions below to let us know your preferences for routes, locations served, time of day for services, and frequency at those times of day.

2) Elections 2015-2016 Results:
Student Senate Election Outcome, Spring 2016

Transportation Fee passed by 53%.  The transportation fee will be implemented starting Fall 2016. All students will be issue a bus pass that will be good starting the first day of school on Monday, August 31, 2016.  Students are able to pick up Fall bus passes, parking permits and Student Activities Card starting August, 15 2016 at Cabrillo College’s Welcome Center located in the SAC East building.  Any concerns or questions please direct them to our Student Senate by email or Student Senate's office located in room 902.
Clarifying the Use of the Student Center Fee passed by 79 %.  This allows the student senate to continue to pay for salaries to operate their student center and activities.  The student senate will be using this fee to pay for 56 percent of the Student Activities Coordinator job. 
It is with great pleasure and honor to introduce our newly elected Student Senate 2016-2017:
Student Senate 2016-2017


3) Borrow-a-Book
The Borrow a Book program provides textbook support for eligible students through generous grants from the Cabrillo College Student Senate. You must be enrolled in 6 or more units to participate in this program. Books are loaned to students on a first-come-first-served basis while books are available.
You must fill out the application on-line, print it, and bring it in person to the College Book Store or the Watsonville Student Resource Center with your current student activity card.   Applications will be available and accepted beginning Monday, August, 15 2016 at



Contact Information

Student Activities Coordinator
Zach McDaniel
Email: click here
Phone: 831.477.5115

ASCC President: Erik Rose
Email: click here

ASCC Vice President: Magdalena Pikala
Email: click here

ASCC Tresurer: Emma Fotheringham
Email: click here

ASCC Student Trustee: Charity Funtila
Email: click here

ASCC Legistative Representative: Eric Lamb
Email: click here

ASCC Inter-Club Council Chair: Patrycja Szarfran
Email: click here

ASCC Watsonville Representative: Irenee Flores
Email: click here

ASCC Director of Public Relations: Tatiana Parrish
Email: click here

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Student Survival Guide

Tips for dealing with the budget crisis -  get involved!


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