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Student Senate Elections

Preliminary Voting Results



Important Dates

Elections Committee  Meeting 1

Tuesday, April 3rd

ASCC Room 902, 3:00pm-5:00pm

Elections Applications Available

Tuesday, April 3rd

Following E.C. Meeting #1;

Available in ASCC Room 902, Watsonville A100, and the Student Senate website*

Application Submission Deadline

Tuesday, April 24th

Submit to Zach McDaniel ( via email or in labeled dropboxes at ASCC Room 902 or Watsonville A100

Student Senate Elections

May 1st - 3rd

Polling places published on Student Senate website

Election Results Announced

Thursday, May 3rd

Announcement made at Student Senate meeting in SAC East Room 225 and on Student Senate website*

This calendar is subject to updates and changes.

Elections Committee Chair: Sabrina Mota

Contact the Chair at with questions and concerns.


Candidate Statements



Moritz Wodtke

Greetings, Seahawks! My name is Moritz, and I am the current ASCC Vice-President. Today, I ask you, the Students of Cabrillo College, to vote for me as your new president.

I am working with Alberto (VP), Alex (Trustee), and Ana (Treasurer) to better represent the interests of Equity, EOPs, and Veterans.

I take great pride in being a part of the Cabrillo College community, but I also know that there is much room for improvement. From talking with students and departments, I know more of a social life—on both the Watsonville and Aptos campuses—would be appreciated, with more events, comparable to the Halloween Festival. As the former treasurer and a senator-at-large, I understand that student-athletes need an improved stadium, the bus pass must be supported, and DACA students require more attention.

If elected, I will ensure communication as well as involvement in student affairs on campus.


Timothy Randazzo


As your Treasurer and Student Representative, I have worked endlessly on managing a hefty budget with responsibility, advocating for important issues concerning many Cabrillo students, organizing and planning a handful of successful events, and maintaining a visual presence among many clubs, committees, and services; all while being your typical college student. As President and part of UNITE, I will stand by my platform, encourage my senate to be confident in their abilities to be student leaders, make decisions while being perceptible to new, varying, and opposing ideas, present diverse perspectives when problem solving, and communicate with you in goals to UNITE Cabrillo.





Spencer Merritt

Hello Seahawks. As your Legislative Representative and System Affairs Director for California’s 4th region I have actively fought to advance student interests, and I would li continue to do so as your Vice President. As VP and a part of UNITE I will fight to increase sustainability, improve transportation services, increase equity, support undocumented students reward, student accomplishment, and create a better community on campus. As Vice President I would also make new Senators feel welcome, build the Senate's relationship with other student groups, communicate with constituents, and support and empower students. My office, my ears and my mind will always be open, and I'll be to ready to fight for you! I hope to be honored with your vote.

Alberto Amezcua

As a current Senator-at-Large, I have had the first-hand experience of representing and advocating for the students of Cabrillo College. Our campuses have so much greatness to offer, but the potential for more action to be taken remains. As a first-generation Latino student from Watsonville, I have the ability to voice the concerns of an underrepresented - but significant - group of dedicated students. A Student Senate with members from diverse walks of life only strengthen our approach to the issues that matter, including transportation, DACA, and safety on campus. Overall, my mission is to support my constituents and fortify a stronger community. In collaboration with Moritz Wodke (President), Alex Unger (Student Trustee), and Ana (Treasurer), I want to be your Student Senate Vice President.



Medb O’Connor

We are UNITE. As Student Senate Treasurer, balance is key. My goal as Treasurer is to ensure that all college programs have an equal opportunity to be funded and to streamline the funding process for all groups and clubs on campus. I will have a focus on student advocacy.

I am currently the Senior Class Treasurer at San Lorenzo Valley High School, in this role, I have controlled the budget for the entire campus. I even have experience in a professional setting, spending the past year assisting a local business in their accounting needs. Through this experience, I have learnt how to effectively budget, allocate money where it is required and how to overcome a lack of funds through alternative or self-sufficient means.

Treasurer is a vital role in creating financial equity on campus. Put the Community back into Community College. Vote UNITE. Vote Medb.

Ana Lopez


My name is Ana Lopez, and I am running for ASCC Treasurer at Cabrillo College. As spring semester senator at large, I look forward to contributing more than being a senator to the school and represent my fellow students to the best of my abilities. Currently, I am majoring in Business Administration, and I would like to use my knowledge and ability to use. As mother, wife, and student, I understand and relate to many fellow students with busy lives and be the best role models for my fellow students. I look forward to serving my fellow students and be the best Treasure I can be.





Alex Unger


Hello my fellow Seahawks! My name is Alex Unger, I am currently a member of the student Senate, a district four representative, and an avid Cabrillo patriot. I'm running for Student Trustee with the hope of improving our campus for the student body. As Student Trustee, I intend to accurately represent the interests of my fellow students and communicate our goals and aspirations to the District Governing Board. Through being a continuing Cabrillo Student, I've come to understand the issues that affect the student body. Issues like the lack of school spirit on both the Aptos and Watsonville campuses, the need for continued support for DACA students, and the importance of keeping the bus pass. I plan on addressing these issues with the help of the ASCC and District Governing Board. I am working with Moritz Wodtke and Alberto Amezcua with the hope of improving the Cabrillo Campus for students and faculty alike.

Thank you,

Alex Unger



Daniel Perez


Hello student body, my name is Daniel Perez. I am a current student veteran majoring in biology. I am running for Student Trustee for the academic year of 2018-19. I need your support for this upcoming semester to improve the lives of students and staff alike. I have been interested in enhancing student’s issues at Cabrillo College for quite a while now. Well, the only way to make change is to become the change you want to see, which I firmly believe. I believe the best way to change minds is with a compromise of decisions. I believe that the most significant influence on people is to stand your ground on your judgments and beliefs. This form of governing is the way I will represent the student body so that I can push our agenda forward most efficiently. I will support the student body for the semester to come to improve our campus.



Margarito Rodriguez Rivera


My name is Margarito Rodriguez Rivera and I am running for the Legislative Representative position. My vision is very simple: represent and serve ALL the student populations at Cabrillo College. I want to serve students with Cabrillo College own Mission Statement to “empower students to be effective communicators, critical thinkers, and responsible world citizens. With a commitment to quality and equity…” Apart from this, I also want to provide students with equitable resources and support to our LGBTQ+, Muslim, Undocumented, TPS, DACA, Veteran, Asian American, African American, Latinx communities and students with disabilities and need of resources. We can make this possible if we all work together. I am experienced as I was City Attorney back in High school for the Watsonville Youth City Council and currently work in the Office of Student Equity and Success at Cabrillo College.




Rose De La Paz

Hello! My fellow Students at Cabrillo College. My name is Rose De La Paz, I was born here in Watsonville and lived here half my life. I have been attending Cabrillo College for two years and a half. I have attended both campuses because some of my courses are not offered in Watsonville. I have noticed several things that Aptos Campus has that Watsonville Campus doesn’t. I would like to focus on doing some changes in  Resources (Veteran Center) to be offered in Watsonville as well. There isn’t enough funding going towards Watsonville Campus and not enough tutors for Statistics. As for the (ILC) Integrated Learning Center it needs more space because it gets crowded, and more quiet rooms for group studying or test taking. There are alot of more things that I would like improve for the Watsonville Campus. I would have my office hours in Watsonville Campus for two hours. I would love to be your Watsonville Representative.  My main goal is to make a difference and to improve the Watsonville Campus.




Blair Niu

Hi friends! My name is Blair Niu and I’d like to be your Inter-club Council Chair. With the experience of serving as an ICC secretary, I’ve familiarized myself with the meeting procedures and most importantly, the inspiring people in the ICC. As a new, introvert international student, I understand how it feels like to be disconnected. During this year, participating in three clubs helped me find my place in the campus. Therefore, as ICC Chair, I will be passionate to organize more recruiting events, welcome suggestions and new ideas, promote and support all clubs, and build a strong connection between clubs, the Senate, and the community. No one is an island and I want to be there to help you feel belonged!



Jacob Castillo


As your Watsonville Representative, I have worked on issues of public seating and brought it to the attention of Rachel Mayo, the dean of the Watsonville Cabrillo Campus. I have advocated for student issues such as transportation and tabled for the voting stations for the bus pass in November. I also have a prominent presence with plenty of clubs and have formed great relationships with clubs such as Suenos and Student Leadership. As Director of Public Relations, I will bring events to the student’s attention effectively and spread the word like nobody else. I will use my platform to bring awareness to student issues that are relevant to them and assure them that they have a voice.  As part of UNITE, I will collaborate with other senators to create change that is necessary and make impact that can be felt school wide. Let's put the “Community” Back into Community College.



Cheyenne Loftus


As Director of Public Relations, I plan to use social media as a core technique to promote campus events and create a greater sense of community at Cabrillo College. I believe that utilizing social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook is the key to communicating and engaging with my generation. Additionally, if information about campus events such as dance/music concerts, plays, guest-speaker lectures, and sporting events was adequately reaching our student body, we could create a stronger sense of unity and mutual excitement to learn, create, and explore new opportunities and ideas.

If elected Director of Public Relations, I would aim to expose the student body and greater community to events that they may not have previous knowledge about. By encouraging students to attend campus events, Student Senate can help boost school pride and by association ensure that students have the best experience that Cabrillo College can provide!


Rachel Menge

I’m a freshman at cabrillo, but I’ve actually been taking classes here since I was a freshman in highschool. I’ve had a lot of time to recognize what a wonderful school Cabrillo is, so I would like to help make it even better by serving on student senate. As someone who is passionate about politics, I want to get involved and make positive change

in whatever type of government I can. As your senator, I hope to focus on strengthening the communication between the senate and the student body. The senate puts a lot of hard work into making this campus better, but many students don’t know about the events or changes implemented by senate. I think that launching a stronger presence on social media could help students stay informed about all the amazing things senate is doing. Thank you for reading, I hope to have your vote!




CC Rodriguez

Some visions that I have as a Senator at large are for the student population at Cabrillo College to have more intercommunication amongst each other. This will promote a more successful campus. Another important vision is for me to obtain experience in the at-college level politics. With that said, I look forward to also becoming a role model for women and minorities in the community. In conclusion, I plan on working together with other senators in order to create necessary change and accomplish success.  


Jorge Briceno


I'm running for senate in behalf of forming a good enough resume for my future. I also want to surround myself with good people who are different then what I'm used to, I grew up and still live in Watsonville hoping I could make this school thing work and transfer in a few years to another city/school. I want to join the team and help them come to logical agreements on whatever it is. I believe I've proven to myself that I'm hard-working enough to make this work alongside my busy work schedule. I'm taking all the opportunities I find to better myself. I want to help out so at the end I am helped out. 


Leif Benson



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