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Bomb Threat or Bomb Detonation

Immediate Actions:

Bomb threats usually occur by telephone. If you are the person receiving the call, take these actions:

  1. Remain calm and attempt to obtain as much information as possible from the caller by using the Bomb Threat checklist below.
  2. If you see a suspicious object or potential bomb, DO NOT HANDLE THE OBJECT, OR TURN ROOM LIGHTS ON OR OFF.
  3. Notify 911 giving your name, location, and telephone number. Inform them of the situation, including any information you may have as to the location of the bomb, time it is set to explode, and the time when you received the call. Tell them if you completed the Bomb Threat Checklist. DO NOT hang up until told to do so.
  4. Inform your supervisor, department head or building manager.
  5. Officers may conduct a detailed bomb search and they may ask for your assistance in identifying suspicious objects. You may make a cursory inspection of your area for suspicious objects, BUT:
    DO NOT open drawers or cabinets
    DO NOT turn lights or any electrical switch on or off
    Report any suspicious object, device or package but DO NOT touch it, tamper with it, or move it in any way.
  6. If you are instructed to evacuate (the police may elect not to use fire alarms):
    Instruct students and staff to quickly collect their possession and proceed to assigned evacuation staging areas (at least 500 feet from buildings). Assist children and persons with disabilities.
    Keep streets, fire lanes, hydrants, and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and crews.
    Assist emergency crews as necessary, if requested.
    DO NOT re-enter evacuated building until those in charge of the evacuation say it is safe to do so.


Bomb Threat Checklist

D O    N O T    H A N G    U P

Person Receiving Call Completes the Following:

Exact words of person making threat (ask caller to repeat what he or she said: “I’m sorry, could you repeat that?”):

Questions to ask caller:

    1. When is the bomb going to explode? ___________________________
    2. Where is it right now? _______________________________________
    3. What does it look like? ______________________________________
    4. What kind of bomb is it? ____________________________________
    5. What will cause it to explode? ________________________________
    6. Did you place the bomb? ___________________________________
    7. Why? ___________________________________________________
    8. What is your address?
    9. What is your name?

Sex of caller:  M / F  Age:______  Accent:________ Length of call:______

Caller’s Voice.  Check all that are appropriate:

___Calm              ___Laughing    ___Lisp                  ___Distinguished
___Angry             ___Crying       ___Raspy                ___Accent
___Excited           ___Normal      ___Deep                ___Whisper
___Slow               ___Distinct     ___Ragged             ___Soft
___Rapid             ___Slurred      ___Clearing throat   ___Nasal
___Deep              ___Stutter      ___Cracking voice   ___Loud  breathing
___Familiar?  Whom did it sound like?

Background Sounds.  Check all that are appropriate:

___Street noises          ___House noises           
___Dishes banging        ___Children’s voices
___Static                    ___Adult voices              
___Local call               ___Long Distance
___PA systems             ___Factory noises
___Rapid                     ___Phone booth

Language Used.  Check all that are appropriate:

___Educated               ___Incoherent                 ___Irrational
___Foul/Swearing        ___Message read              ___Message taped by caller

Other.  Use this space to write anything else not covered above:

Name of employee taking the call:_______________________________
Position:________________     Department:_______________________
Work Phone:____________      Date:_____________________________


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