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CSU General Education

Students have two options for completing lower division general education requirements:

  1. CSU General Education Pattern (yellow sheet)
  2. Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC - lavender sheet). The CSU General Education Pattern is accepted at all campuses of CSU; IGETC is accepted at all campuses of CSU and UC.

Option 1. CSU GE - California State University General Education Pattern (yellow sheet pdf)

If you select the CSU GE Pattern and complete all 39 units of general education requirements, Cabrillo College will certify that you have completed all lower division general education and you will be required to complete only upper division general education requirements after you transfer. This is called CSU General Education Certification. While it is not mandatory that you complete all 39 units of the CSU GE Pattern prior to transfer, you are well advised to do so.


Option 2. IGETC - Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (lavender sheet pdf)

If you select the IGETC, be sure to complete all requirements prior to transfer or you will be required to meet the lower division general education requirements of the campus to which you transfer; this may lengthen your education unnecessarily.
Note: IGETC is not recommended for some high unit majors and at some campuses. To check to see if IGETC is accepted for your major or campus — check the ASSIST-Exploring Majors feature at Choose Exploring Majors then your transfer campus then your major and information on IGETC's use will be displayed.

Note: These CSU and IGETC patterns meet the requirements for admission to the university/transfer AND an Associates Degree. Students may be admitted to the university and transfer without earning an Associates Degree. These CSU and IGETC patterns may be used, therefore, to document your completion of the necessary lower-division general requirements and you may be certified for your general education. The Multicultural Studies course requirement is required only for the Associates Degree, and not required if you are pursuing an ADT: AA-T or AS-T degree.

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