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Pictured below: Student Activities Center.  Assessment is on the left in SAC of stairs

Assessment Process Overview

At Cabrillo College we are committed to helping you succeed in all your educational endeavors.  We also want you to be able to make informed decisions about your education.  Both these things require information about your academic skills.  As part of the The Student Success & Support Program ("SSSP") going through the assessment process is a requirement for all new students.  The process will evaluate your skills in English and mathematics using both the assessment tests and your high school performance to place you into math, English and English as a Second Language classes that are appropriate and the best fit for you.  

If you have attended high school in California you may have transcript data in a system called CalPass – our assessment software automatically verifies and matches this data.  For those of you without this data: we will use information you report to us about your high school performance.  Everyone will answer high school background questions before the test begins.  In order to receive the most accurate placement it is in your best interest that this information be accurate. To this end, we encourage you to bring your high school transcripts with you to assessment. It is equally important that you do your best on the test itself.  

Before assessment you are required to submit and application and complete the on-line orientation. Give yourself the gift of time- make plans to assess early as the assessment process can take two weeks or more to complete. Please be aware- we are NOT able to accelerate this process for your personal academic needs.  See Assessment Schedule for dates and times.

See links below for additional information on:

Prerequisite Clearance

Process to Challenge a Course Requisite

Exemption from Student Success & Support Program Services


You do NOT need to take the Cabrillo Assessment if you submit

OFFICIAL documentation of ONE of the following to

Admissions and Records:

1. Transcripts: Successful completion of United States college degree or previous college level English, ESL, or math courses. Send us: Official transcripts from another college or university.

2a. Placement results : from most other accredited colleges or universities.  Score reports must include a clear course placement, not just a raw score. Recency Policy: we do not accept assessment results from other colleges that are more than two years old.

2b. California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) results.  Also known as The Smarter Balanced Assessment:

  • English Language/Literacy:  "standard exceeded" - overall score of 2682 and above = placement into English 1A
  • Mathematics: "standard exceeded" - overall score of 2718 and above = placement into transfer level math courses
    • These tests are offered through CA high schools in grade 11. 
    • CAASPP results are valid for two years. (your senior year and the year following graduation)

You have THREE (3) ways to submit any of your CAASPP/placement results to Cabrillo:

1. EMAIL: We will accept assessment score reports and CAASPP reports via e-mail as long as they are attached as a PDF. 

Scan and e-mail to:

2. HARDCOPY:  Drop off or mail your assessment score reports and CAASPP reports to:

Cabrillo College

Admissions and Records

6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos CA 95003

attn.: Evaluator

3. FAX:  your assessment score reports and CAASPP reports to:

Admissions and Records, attention: Evaluator.

(831) 479-5782

In order to match all of your documents with your Cabrillo record, all score reports must include the following information (you can write in the mission information before you sent it to us):

  • Your name
  • Your Cabrillo Student ID #
  • Your date of birth
  • The name of high school, college or university

3. AP, IB and CLEP, official score reports/transcripts are required:

For English only:

  • Advanced placement (AP) test with scores of 3, 4, or 5 in English Language or English Literature
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) test: English High Level with scores of 5, 6 or 7

For math only:

  • Advanced Placement (AP) test: Calculus AB, Calculus BC or Statistics with scores of 3, 4, or 5

  • International Baccalaureate (IB) test: Mathematics (HL) High Level with score of 5, 6 or 7

  • College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests: Calculus, College Algebra, College Algebra-Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus or Trigonometry with a score of at least 50 

Drop off or mail official score reports to:

Admissions and Records, attn.: Evaluator: 

6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos CA 95003

Once submitted, please allow ten working days for all results and transcripts to be evaluated and placement entered into your file.

Need to check the status of submitted documents? Log into WebAdvisor.  You can check your pre requisite clearances in your "timeline" in Student Planning.  Still unsure? Please call Admissions & Records: 479-6201

Recommendation from the math department: It is strongly recommended that students re-assess if their course preparation (either prerequisite course work or assessment score) is more than two years old.


Some courses require that a student read, write or analytically compute at a certain level before enrolling in the next course. This is a required prerequisite. You can satisfy prerequisites either through an assessment process or the methods listed above. A co-requisite requires that you enroll in the co-requisite class at the same time.

The assessments officially measure your skills in English comprehension, reading and math. There is no fee, you can assess twice in a six month period with a one week waiting period between assessments.  Additional indicators or “multiple measures” of your skills and knowledge gained outside the classroom will be taken into consideration and given a numerical value in your final score. Your assessment indicates your placement level and any prerequisites satisfied in math, English and ESL. If you have not "placed into" the class you hoped to, you may reassess. If you still score below your target, you must take the class indicated on the score sheet.



Contact Information
Assessment Office Info
Phone: 831.479.6165
831.479.6169 FAX

Regular Office Hours



Mon - Thus: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Friday: 9am - 12pm

We're in the office at these times unless noted on the calendar or if we're in Watosnville.


Location: Assessment Center, Student Activity Center West
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