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Guided Self-Placement

How to use Guided Self-Placement:

  • Online: Guided Self- Placement is available 24/7 online!  
    • Go to the Self-Placement form
    • Log in with your Cabrillo ID and password
    • Complete the Self-Placement form and view your recommendations right away.
    • Submit the form to add your placement information to your record.
    • Once submitted, your recommendations will be archived and you will receive an email from confirming that the form has been processed. You can view your recommendations anytime:
      • Log into eForms
      • Select “activity”
  • In-person:  
    • Attend a Placement and Planning Workshop at Cabrillo to help you through the process.
    • The schedule and location for the workshops are available here: Placement and Planning workshop. Call 831-479-6165 or 831-479-6274 to reserve your seat.

What do I need?

For online placement and in-person workshops, have the following ready:

  • Your Cabrillo College 7-digit student ID number (emailed to you after you apply)
  • Your Cabrillo College Password
  • Your high school GPA and information about your last English and Math courses.  If you don’t have these, that’s ok! This GPA guide will help you - you can still complete the form successfully.
  • Parking on campus in enforced.  If you’re coming to campus for a workshop, make sure you have a parking permit.  Permits can be purchased for $4.00 from machines in each student lot. FREE parking is located along Soquel Drive.

What’s Next?

After completing  Guided Self-Placement:

Placement and Planning Workshop Calendar

Reserve your seat today! 831.479.6165 or 831.479.6274
Please arrive 20 minutes prior to the start time for check in and seating

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