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Child Health and Safety

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Parents often worry about child's health and safety when spending part of each day in a Children's Center. We, too, are concerned and are very careful about health and safety issues. Each day we check all our equipment to make sure that it is safe. Although minor scrapes and bruises are fairly common, we have never had a serious accident at the Center. If your child does have a tumble, however slight, a teacher will fill out an accident report form or be sure to notify you. Should you discover evidence of an injury we missed, please let us know right away. First aid in the Center is limited to soap, water, ice, bandages (lots!) and hugs (lots of them, too!). Should a serious injury occur we will attempt to contact you, and failing that, we would take your child to the local emergency facility.

We lead the children and staff through safety evacuation drills each month, so that we are as prepared as possible in the event of an emergency. There is someone on site at all times with First Aid & CPR training.

Contagious disease

The major defenses against contagious disease in the Center are:

  1. Regular hand washing, and
  2. Keeping children with contagious illnesses at home.

The greeting teacher will observe your child upon arrival as a health check, but the major responsibility for this kind of observation must be the parent's.

Any of the following symptoms or conditions mean you must keep your child at home:

  • the first 3 days of a cold
  • fever in the last 24 hours
  • vomited or diarrhea in the last 24 hours
  • any of the "childhood diseases" chickenpox,
  • measles, etc.
  • any contagious condition, ie. giardia, head lice

Teachers will observe children as they arrive and may determine that they are contagious or not well enough to participate in school activities.

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