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The Cabrillo Honors Transfer Program is a proud member of the UCLA Transfer Alliance Program (UCLA TAP) - since 2010. Cabrillo Honors students are eligible to be TAP Certified upon application to UCLA. TAP certification gives students priority admission into the College of Letters and Sciences majors at UCLA. Cabrillo's Honors students enjoy an >85% admit rate into UCLA College of Letters and Sciences! Requirements:

  • at least 15 units of honors courses, including no more than 6 units of "designated honors courses". Honors courses completed by the end of Spring before transfer
  • GPA of 3.4 at the time of certification (February of the transfer year)
  • Completion of all IGETC or other general education and major preparation courses
  • must be confirmed by Cabrillo's Honors Transfer Program Director as a member in good standing and must successfully complete our Honors program requirements (above) prior to transfer


UCLA TAP is not available for the Film and Television major, Schools of Art and Architecture or Engineering. See majors in the College of Letters and Sciences.

Note re: "switching" majors once admitted: Admitted students are not allowed to switch into:

Psychology, Economics, Business Economics, Mathematics/Economics or Financial Actuarial Mathematics 11/2016


UCLA TAP Certification

Students should indicate on their UC application (submitted in the Fall prior to transfer), if they expect to meet the requirements for TAP Certification by the end of the Spring prior to transfer. In January, UCLA will send a list of applicants to the Honors Director at Cabrillo who will verify eligibility and contact you to sign the Certification Form by the end of February. NOTE: the requirements for UCLA TAP Certification are the same as for Honors Scholar Designation: at least 15 units of Honors coursework with a 3.4 (UC) transferable GPA.


**Important** the Alternate Major

Students who will be TAP Certified have the benefit of choosing an Alternate Major on their UC Application for the College of Letters and Sciences. ONLY TAP Certified students have this opportunity; and you do not have to complete all of the major preparation for this Alternate Major prior to transfer; though you should have at least started it. Most students who are not admitted into their first choice major are admitted into the Alternate major. HOWEVER, the Alternate Major you indicate on your UC application

CANNOT be one of the highly-selective (impacted) majors listed below: updated for Fall, 2020

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