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Welcome to the Theater Arts Department.


About Theater Arts Program and Classes

The study of Theatre Arts/Drama requires creative technical and performance skills that benefit students in their individual relationships with others in social and artistic environments. Students selecting to major and minor in Theatre Arts/Drama frequently choose this area of study for three reasons: (1) to enter the professional fields of theatre, film, televi- sion, radio, and modeling; (2) to enter communication fields in teaching, business, industry and law; (3) to pursue personal goals or leisure activ- ity in community events.

Opportunities for careers in theatre arts/drama are found in acting, theatre lighting, costume design, set production, scenery design, scene painting, television production, theatre production management, stage management, teaching and directing







For Cabrillo College Theatre Arts’ Spring 2016 production:




by Abby Mann and directed by Sarah Albertson

Inclusive, open and possibly cross gender casting
Bring 90 second monologue.

Audition Dates and Times:

Tuesday, January 26 or Wednesday, January 27  

(1st week of Spring Semester)
with Callbacks:

Thursday, January 28.

in the Black Box Theatre #4141. 

Come to Crocker Theater lobby to sign in.

Crocker Theatre Building #4000
6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos

For more info: call Sarah: 831-566-0169 or email


JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG is a riveting courtroom drama.


Originally made for TV’s Playhouse 90, then a multi Academy Award winning film in 1961 and finally a Broadway play in 2001.

Ernst Janning, one of the most influencial German legal minds of the pre-World War II era, and other influential Nazi judges face a military tribunal in postwar trials in Nuremberg. Issues at the forefront of this trial reverberate through history and challenge humanity to this day as we struggle with decisions about excluding people because of ethnicity or religion.

“Incisive, blistering, thought provoking…Cries out powerfully to our own time in countless ways”- Chicago Sun Times

“Gives oratory the muscle, sweat and high stakes of a last man standing prize fight.”  -New York Times





Award winning national and local artists perform in the art forms that saved their lives

                  On March 5th, 2016, at 7:30PM  Cabrillo College Theatre Arts’ Evening of World Theatre presents FIRE IN THE HEART, a celebration featuring 20 local and national artists who have used the performing arts in their own lives to address trauma and recovery, including substance abuse, violence and major health issues. FIRE IN THE HEART shows how the arts can help us process, heal, and transcend traumatic events, whether they be in our own lives or the lives of others, while entertaining and enriching us at the same time.


















Contact Information
Theater Arts Department

Skip Epperson &

Sarah Albertson

Phone 831.479.6168
Location Room 4107,
Crocker Theater

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