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Welcome to the Theater Arts Department.


About Theater Arts Program and Classes

The study of Theatre Arts/Drama requires creative technical and performance skills that benefit students in their individual relationships with others in social and artistic environments. Students selecting to major and minor in Theatre Arts/Drama frequently choose this area of study for three reasons: (1) to enter the professional fields of theatre, film, televi- sion, radio, and modeling; (2) to enter communication fields in teaching, business, industry and law; (3) to pursue personal goals or leisure activity in community events.

Opportunities for careers in theatre arts/drama are found in acting, theatre lighting, costume design, set production, scenery design, scene painting, television production, theatre production management, stage management, teaching and directing.

Spring 2019 Production

Auditions for TA 29, THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE

General Audition: 7-9pm, Tuesday, January 29 or Wednesday, January 30.

Callback: 7-9pm, Thursday, January 31

Black Box Theatre in the Crocker Theatre building, VAPA 4141.

All students and community actors are encouraged to audition. Prepare a 90 second monologue. Those cast will enroll in TA 29 and TA 27 for one, two or three units. Inclusive casting.

Show dates: April 12-28.

Written in 1939, with the Great Depression in America’s wake and war on the horizon, The Time of Your Life by William Saroyan takes place in a San Francisco waterfront saloon, where the inhabitants strive to keep their hopes, dreams and dignity alive while coping with uncertainty and social unease. The first play to win both the Pulitzer Prize and the New York Drama Critics Circle Award, it’s a comic drama and a bittersweet reminder to live life to the fullest, while we can.

Wesley, a piano player, a person of color, plays a mean and melancholy boogie-woogie piano.
Arab, an Eastern philosopher and harmonica-player
Joe, a loafer with money and a good heart
Tom, his admirer, errand boy, friend; in love with
Kitty Kitty Duval, a young streetwalker who longs for a better life
Nick, owner of Nick's Pacific Street Saloon
McCarthy, an intelligent and well-read longshoreman
Krupp, his boyhood friend, a waterfront cop who hates his job
Harry, a natural born hoofer who wants to make people laugh
Willie, a pinball game fanatic
Dudley, a young man in love
Elsie, a nurse, the one he loves
Lorene, a forelorn woman
Mary L., an unhappy woman of quality and great beauty
Blick, a crooked cop, a heel
Kit Carson, an old Indian fighter
A Newsboy
A Drunkard
Nick's Ma
Killer, a streetwalker
Killer's sidekick
Society Gentleman
Society Lady

Contact Information
Theater Arts Department

Skip Epperson &

Sarah Albertson

Phone 831.479.6168
Location Room 4107,
Crocker Theater

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